Daniela Schlemm

Coach with ISO Certification and Pesso Therapy practitioner in Penzance, UK

Hello I am Daniela Schlemm,

I am here to reconnect you with your true self, reach your full potential and live a richer, more abundant and fulfilling life. Work with me, I am a Life Coach working with the ISO certified wingwave coaching method. I am a Therapist, a state certified Clown and certified Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analyst. Together we can tackle your issues, get to the core of it and overcome any negative patterns with ease. From emotional eating, relationship repeats, low self esteem and a toxic dialogue with your inner killer critic, stress, anxiety, depression and trauma, I have been there. Reinvent yourself. Meet me on a a flexible bespoke basis, face to face or via skype and zoom; I have some fast and cutting edge coaching and therapy techniques like wingwave® (an advanced form of EMDR) and Pesso-Boyden Therapy. I create new embodied memories, giving you a fully felt experience of how you would have felt if you had all your basic needs met.

You have got to feel it before it becomes your reality and I show you how.

I have a love for improvisation and a background in dance and performance theatre. Currently I am living in Penzance, UK. I am originally from Germany.

If you need support to turn your situation in times of corona virus into an opportunity for growth - contact me today for wingwave emotional coaching and counselling.


I work online via zoom, skype and via the phone.

Please download the wingwave app from here to support my work. Thank you


subscribe to my channel as I will be putting up more videos on how to cope with disturbing emotions and stay anxiety free soon.


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    • University Bremen
What clients say about me
Daniella is magic and has helped me transform in just a few sessions. I am eternally grateful for her time, and you can tell immediately that sehr cares, listens ,and has the skills to help pinpoint the problem and help you solve it. I was in a deep rut for a long time, and now I feel refreshed, and revitalised , and ready to use the tools I have been given to live the life I want. Thank you Daniella
Dan 38
Daniella is absolutely wonderful! I could not recommend her enough. I’ve been seeing her for a while now and she has honestly helped me beyond what I thought was possible. I feel like a completely different person for the better. She is so lovely and approachable I have been able to completely open up and address real issues in my life. She provides a safe and relaxed space and uses techniques that work! I really don’t think I would be where I am today without her.
Rebecca 26
Daniella is awesome. Quick, insightful on many topics. Understanding of the many forms Trauma manifests with a good set of tools to help you combat the issues one brings to the table.She has a calm bright spirit and that is evident in her approach and use of the practical elements of her practise. Yes
Edmond 41
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